I’m James Mathison.

What can I help you achieve?

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 To Summarise Me… 


Your world is the result of a billion little systems interacting with each other and churning out certain results. When you’re not getting what you want, it simply means that one or more of these systems needs to be plucked from the chaos, perfected, and then re-inserted. I love finding these golden nuggets of potential, and engineering ways to multiply results. Read Work The System to learn more about this mindset. 

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I wrote half a novel when I was 14, all about elves and nymphs and dragons and uncontrollable magic. I’ve never lost my passion for the written word, only now I’m exploring many more ways in which the immutable power of stories can be tapped. As Seth Godin preaches, everything is story. If you want to sell your product, crush a job interview, or start a revolution, you have to set things up to tell a compelling and trustworthy story. Read All Marketers Are Liars for more on that. 



I love nature. It’s endlessly fascinating to me, and not just what you’d see Attenborough narrating. Everything has a nature. Human nature, the nature of learning, of selling, of our bodies, and of our food. Permaculture, biohacking, meta-learning, formal science, are all pursuits that study the reality of something (its nature), and using that knowledge to our advantage. 

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What Can I Help You Achieve?


Do you want a website like this to show off your skills and unique amazingness? 

Do you want to blog and gain fabled “traffic” through the interwebs to your business? 

Do you just want to be in control of all your online efforts? 

As I wrote above, everything is systems. And dysfunction is gold. When the results of a system are not quite what you want, it’s a beacon, telling us loud and clear that here lies an opportunity for more profit, convenience, or whatever result the system produces (or tries to produce). All it takes is to examine that system, and fix what’s broken. 

I specialise in online systems. This includes your personal brand, how others find you and perceive you when they find you online, as well as your web design, written copy, marketing campaigns, and most importantly, how you’re tracking everything to be completely clear what’s happening, when, and to what degree. 

When your online systems are running smoothly, bringing in customers, clients, job offers, or whatever it is you’re after, your time will be freed up to do what a leader really should be doing. 



Life-Long Ambition:

Help make the world a better place to eat. 

I’m a long way from having this all planned out, but I’m sure it will have a lot to do with permacultural methods mastered by the likes of Joel Salatin and Sepp Holzer, mixed with cutting-edge biotechnology. I’m going to find a way to help farms that are trapped making the cereal crops that have gradually turned into the life blood of a diabolical food system – who rely on government subsidies to make ends meet and therefore could not hope to branch out or use even a patch of their property for anything else.

I want to make them profitable again, and what’s more, to help them create produce that they can be proud of and which tastes as good as wild game, like the natural fish farm and amazing ethical foie gras farm reported on by Dan Barber. 

We already have all the knowledge we need to do this, and that’s what drives me crazy. 


If you think I can help you (or you can help me!) shoot me an email, and introduce yourself.