I’m James Mathison.

Entrepreneur  •  Web Developer  •  Copywriter

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The results you get in life are the outputs of a hundred little systems. The problems you have are nothing more than the result of little dysfunctions in these systems. The job of the entrepreneur is to see the world in this way, pick a problem, understand it completely, pinpoint the root dysfunction… and fix the system.

Read Work The System for more on this mindset.

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Web Developer

No one needs to be stuck with an ugly website these days. And no one needs to rely on someone else to make changes to their site. I like to think of websites as assets. Like any asset, they can be incredibly valuable, or completely ignorable. They are a system, like anything, but unlike most systems, they are machines that you can build and change whenever you like by simply writing lines of code! I find that amazing.



I wrote a novel when I was 12, about elves and dragons and terrifying magic. I’ve never lost my passion for the written word, only now I make money with it. As Seth Godin preaches, good marketing is good storytelling. If you want to sell your product, crush a job interview, or start a revolution, you have to tell a compelling and trustworthy story.

Read All Marketers Are Liars Storytellers for more.

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What Can I Help You Achieve?


If your business website is less than you deserve, consider using my expertise.

I’m the founder of LeadGrand, a web design outsourcing firm that uses highly-talented freelancers to make gorgeous (and effective) websites to the same standard as big agencies, for a much cheaper price.

Like I said, everyone deserves a good website.

I base my designs on the WordPress platform. It’s simple. And it puts you in control of all your text and images. You can add pages as easily as posting something on Facebook. This very site you’re reading now is based on WordPress.



If you think I can help you (or you can help me!) shoot me an email, and introduce yourself.