English Copywriting for Polish Startups

Get a perfectly crafted English version of your website that’s designed to sell.



English is the global language (at least for now!). Without a well-written English version, your reach is seriously limited. Even if you’re only interested in the local market, a lot of influential locals are from abroad. Don’t limit your success for too long!

Be Understood

There’s nothing worse than wasted potential.

When an English-speaker visits your non-English website, it’s likely they will leave. Even if Chrome Translate’s robotic attempt works on your website, it leaves a poor impression.

Get Respect

You never know when opportunity will strike. An American investor you met at a conference lands on your home page. A big potential client from the UK decides to check out your offer. Demonstrate to them that you mean business!

Are you ready for the truth?


Your website doesn’t need to be translated. It needs to be re-written.


Translation services are a dime a dozen, and their quality is often no better than Google Translate.


Even copy that’s advertised as native English is riddled with cracks that any true native could notice.


And they are noticing. Trust me.


It’s instinctual. An instant “cringe” feeling whenever you read something that’s somehow… off.


You and your business deserve something better. A LOT better.


Your website should have an English version that’s written by a genuine native-English copywriter. Someone who can sell with the written word.


As I said, your website doesn’t need to be translated. It needs to be re-written, with a native mind behind every word, every concept, every point that you’re trying to make.


That’s the quickest edge over your competition you can get, without investing any of your valuable time.


Let me take care of it.



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